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Photo Section

Please be considerate of other members by respecting the space limitations that Yahoo sets on the AddisonDogs group's Photo area. We must ask you to limit the number of photos you upload to each album in the Photo area to no more than TWO pictures per album (and one album for each ADog). Although we would prefer to impose no restrictions whatsoever ...due to the limitations of this "free" Yahoo egroup service, we just don't have that option. If/when we reach the maximum capacity on the space allotted to us, the Photo area will lock up and no one will be able to access or view the pictures in any of the albums.

***As an additional reminder: If you DO create an album for your ADog, PLEASE remember to designate it as "PERSONAL" so other members don't accidentally drop their dogs' pictures into your album! Everyone will still be able to view your photos, but only you (or a moderator) will be able to edit, add to, or remove any of them..***

We'd like to keep this request on a voluntary basis -but if necessary, we WILL remove "extra" photos so that everyone has the opportunity to share photos of their ADog.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!