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Changing Your Message Delivery Settings

Go to the AddisonDogs Group on Yahoo at login and click on the link at the top of the page, titled "Edit Membership." Then scroll down to the area titled "Message Delivery," where you'll see a list of options for the delivery of your group mail from AddisonDogs.

There are descriptions next to each option:

Individual emails - Receive individual messages.
Daily digest - Receive a daily compilation of many emails in one message.
Special notices - Receive only important email notices from the group moderator.
No email - I'll read messages on the web site.

"Individual emails" setting means you immediately receive every message posted to the group. For some people this can be overwhelming, since on a particularly active day we could have anywhere from 25-50+ messages. For others (recently diagnosed and looking for immediate help) this setting is perfectly suited to their needs.

"Digest" setting is a daily mailing: one email message that includes an entire day's posts sent through the group (in batches of 25). If there are less than 25 posts in a day, you'd get all of them in one batch (one email message). If there are more than 25 posts in a 24 hour period, you'll get more than one Digest mailing a day.

"Special notices" setting means that only mail sent directly from the owners/moderators would be sent to your mailbox -all other messages must be read from the Yahoo group site:

"No mail" setting will stop all messages from going to your mailbox. You can then go to the Yahoo group site at and read the messages there.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have a spam filter - no matter how your delivery options are set, your mail could be blocked - and instead of losing one or two messages, you could lose 25 or 50 at a time if you're set to "Digest." You'll have to adjust your spam filter to allow mail from AddisonDogs_ (at) and even then, you may find your spam program has blocked mail from the group. It's the price we pay for security from spam and viruses in today's technology!

Also note: If your mailbox is full, or for any other reason messages are blocked from delivery to the address you've designated in your membership setup, your Yahoo account will begin "bouncing" mail. We have no control over this, and even though Yahoo will send a "reactivation notice," you must respond to that notice in order to keep your account from being deactivated.

You know you're bouncing when...

* see a message at the top of a group that says, "The email address you are using for this group is currently bouncing".

* click on "Edit My Membership" from the group's web site, and you see in red letters above YOUR email address, "The email address you are using for this group is currently bouncing".

* go to your "My Groups" page, and you see an alert that says, "Alert! You have # bouncing email addresses".

* try to post a message from a group's web site, and you get a message that says, "You cannot post to this group because your email address is currently bouncing".

* try to send a message to a group through email, and you get an email back from notify (at) with the subject line "Unable to deliver your message", and the message says that your email to the group couldn't be delivered because "Your email account has been bouncing mails".

If you see any of the above mentioned scenarios, this means you have one or more email addresses that you use for Yahoo groups that are bouncing. If you are bouncing, don't panic. You can easily go to to check the status of your email addresses and un bounce yourself.


As always, if you have any problems or questions regarding your membership in AddisonDogs, please write to us at AddisonDogs_-owner (at)