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Support Group Guidelines

Welcome to the AddisonDogs Yahoo support group! Before you begin sending messages to the list, please take a minute to read some basic information below.

We're a very friendly group and we'd like to know a little about you. Once your membership is approved please introduce yourself as soon as possible. Until we receive your introduction your posts will be moderated.

1) Because many people have strong opinions about these topics, we ask you to remember your manners and be polite to all list members. It is okay to disagree, but it is not okay to belittle another person's opinion.

2) This group is not "staffed" 24 hours a day and our members are not licensed veterinary health professionals. If you have an emergency situation, please contact a veterinarian for help immediately!

3) Every message that you send to the group should include your name, your dog's name, breed, weight and medications. It's also helpful to provide your dog's date of diagnosis and general location…and if possible, the results of his most recent electrolyte test (Na: sodium and K: potassium).

Sample Signature

~Your Name
~ Dogs Name, 65lb Boxer, 2 yrs, Primary Addison's 3/04/08
1ml DOCP, 1.25 mg pred, lytes Aug 31/09 Na 150, K 4.9 ratio 30.6
~ Atlanta, GA


4) Please do not make your post in UPPPER CASE. People are easily offended by usage of this.

5) Please trim your posts by deleting unnecessary parts of previous emails when you reply.

6) Please change the subject line appropriately if it no longer matches the content of a thread.

7) Reading through some of the "old" messages that have been posted by other members can be very helpful.

8) Any subject related to our dogs with Addison's disease is welcome on AddisonDogs, but it must be handled with respect for others. You must agree to be polite and respectful to other members, even when you disagree.

9) This is a busy list. If your Yahoo profile is set to "individual emails" you can expect to receive 15-30 emails per day. If you do not want to receive this many, we strongly suggest that you change your email delivery settings which can be done once you are logged into your Yahoo account.

The members of this group have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from their personal experiences with Canine Addison’s Disease, and can help you sort through many of the issues you may be struggling with. Remember though, does not have a vet on staff nor does it through its web site, board, list owners or list members provide medical advice. All information is for educational purposes and is not intended to diagnose or treat. You are encouraged to consult with your vet if you have any concerns about the health of your animals.

Support Group Contact Info

  • Yahoo group site:
  • List owner: AddisonDogs_-owner (at)
  • Post message: AddisonDogs_ (at)
  • Subscribe: AddisonDogs_-subscribe (at)
  • Unsubscribe: AddisonDogs_-unsubscribe (at)

When emailing please replace (at) with @


And please, let us know what you like about the group, how we can help you, or how you would like to help out.

Thank you,