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Addison's Disease can be scary at first, but you are not alone. Please join us to talk about your concerns, share your story, ask questions and learn ways to improve the life of your dog with Addison's disease. We are focused on open discussions about conventional and alternative ways of treating Addison's disease. We also discuss many other topics such as diet, vaccinations and activities that our dogs participate in. We're not just a support group, we're family.


**Common Sense Disclaimer**

Cute DogKnowledge and advice shared and provided by the members of this group is for information purposes only. Interpretation and the use of the contents of group discussions are the sole responsibility of the reader, and neither AddisonDogs, or its owner/moderators are liable for its use or interpretation.

Addison Dogs and its related Facebook group do not have a vet on staff nor does it through its board, list-owners or list-members provide medical advice. All information is for educational and support purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat. You are encouraged to visit your vet if you have any concerns about the health of your animals.

If your dog is experiencing or you suspect your dog is experiencing a medical emergency, please do not wait to seek advice though AddisonDogs or it's support group. Contact your vet or emergency vet clinic immediately.

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